Guest Artists

Simon Kemp 

Simon is a landscape and outdoor photographer based in Hobart, Tasmania. Born in England but grew up in South Africa and then Hong Kong - which helps to understand his passion for travel and exploring.
“My love for nature and adventure has fuelled my passion for photography even further and I am in my element when outside, whatever the weather, capturing a quiet moment of adventure somewhere spectacular. I have been fortunate to travel to some truly breathtaking places around the world, visiting almost every continent, but for me nowhere compares to the unspoilt, rugged and breathtaking locations that Tasmania offers in abundance.”


Simon Kemp


Bronwyn Houston 

Bronwyn is a Western Australian born artist who now lives in Tasmania with her husband and four young children.

A proud Indigenous woman, she draws her inspiration from the natural world around her. She passionately loves being outside whether it’s being in the garden or foraging for dried grasses and flowers, which reflects in her artworks.
Bronwyn has an extraordinary flare for all things creative from murals and graphic design, to polished timber stumps, hand made artworks, singing, event styling and floristry. Her creativity extends to being an author and illustrator of various published works And has run numerous illustration workshops Australia wide and internationally.
She’s a fun soul that easily falls into the ‘crazy plant lady’ and ‘self proclaimed comedian’ category, who loves any opportunity for a good prank.
She released her first collection, exclusive to Sally Medwin, called Flora in June 2020. With this collection she drew inspiration from her love of native flowers.
Now in September 2020 she launches her new collection, also exclusive to Sally Medwin, called Urban Jungle.
Jaden Towns
Jaden Towns is a young artist from Hobart, Tasmania. He works in coloured pencil and creates hyper realistic drawings of sneakers. 
"The reason I draw sneakers is due to my love and passion for them, and to visually communicate the beauty and art form of sneakers."